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Staging & Shelving

  • Halls Shelving

    Halls shelving will help you create more space in your greenhouse.

  • Halls Staging

    Having the multi tier staging will help create more surfaces to house even more plants.

  • Halls 3 Tier Seed Tray

    Hold up to 15 trays

Accessories make greenhouse gardening even more enjoyable.

Proper greenhouse accessories increase the pleasure of owning your own greenhouse. The accessories include automatic watering systems, which make it possible to leave home without having to worry whether your plants will die of thirst, and also have shelves and tables that provide space for even more plants in your greenhouse.

Art. No. Product
70128 Forest Green 2 Tier Aluminium Staging
70131 Forest Green 4' Tier Aluminium Top Extension Staging
SO1729 Wall Garden Staging (pair)
70684 Potting Bench
70686 Seed Tray 3 Tier x 15 Trays
SO1708 1 Tier Silver Aluminium Staging
SO1709 2 Tier Silver Aluminium Staging
70137 4' Tier Silver Aluminium Top Extension Staging
SO1775 4' Tier Silver Aluminium Foldaway staging
SO1776 4' Tier Silver Aluminium Foldaway Shelf
70134 Forest Green 1 Tier Aluminium Staging

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